Monthly Archive: October, 2021

Answer Creek: Researching the Donner Party by Ashley Sweeney


It was an already sweltering late-July morning in 2018 that I was led through the cavernous Legacy of the Plains Museum in Gering, Nebraska to a tidy archives closet. Hours later, after sifting… Continue reading

What to Do with All That Money: Gilded Age Philanthropy


Even casual students of the Gilded Age are aware that the period 1865-1913 in the US was one of tremendous industrial and territorial growth where a small number of individuals amassed unimaginable fortunes.… Continue reading

Internment in Paradise: WWII Hawaii by Jill Engledow


Not long after the nation of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, sending the United States to war, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the “internment” of Japanese American citizens and immigrants.… Continue reading