First Fridays

If you are an author of historical fiction set in any era and would like to contribute a post to History Imagined’s First Friday feature, please read the criteria presented below. If your proposed post is accepted, you will have the opportunity to promote your novel(s), social media, buy links, etc. by including that information in the post.

Because I wish to maintain a firsthand connection, I will only respond to requests sent by the actual author. Furthermore, as much as I would like to be able to do so, time simply does not allow me to take on book review projects unless I know the author personally.

What Qualifies for a First Friday Post?

History Imagined posts share interesting information uncovered during research for historical novels. The range of topics are broad and limited only by one’s imagination and research efforts. There is no limitation on era, setting, events, etc. with the exception of the caveats presented below. My readers are especially interested in those little footnotes of history that make for such tantalizing reading.

Proposed posts should share interesting, historical information discovered during your research. My readers expect the information to be well sourced and factual. HI is considered a reliable source by my readers and it must remain so. You will be asked to cite your sources. Footnotes are optional, but you will be asked to provide a brief list of the sources from which your info came. If you are drawing conclusions about something that has yet to be proven, or has more than one possible solution, or is simply a theory of what may have happened, you will be expected to state it as such. If historians are still arguing over what actually happened, you will be expected to share the major theories and cite the sources for each. If you look at my posts, you will find that I provide documented resources for each post. Wikipedia is generally not considered a totally reliable source. 

While I am not a prude, I also don’t have any age restrictions on who can view this site. That being said, I reserve the right to not publish information about a work I deem erotica or to contain excessive and/or gratuitous violence. Limited sexual content and/or vulgar or profane language within the confines of one’s novel will not automatically exclude you from consideration, but must not be the main vehicle of expression nor driving force in the plot. PG 13 content only in the post or any excerpt from your novel, please.

Furthermore, posts or promotions of works that defame persons or groups or promote harmful acts to man or beast will not be considered for publication on History Imagined. Discretion in accepting an item for publication rests solely with the History Imagined administration and is not open to appeal.

Still interested? Please fill out the contact form including all required information and a very brief synopsis for your proposed post. If accepted, you will be given the first available date. I cannot in any way guarantee specific dates. One may ask and I will try to oblige, if possible, but no promises are made.