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Revenge of the Arrivistes!


In the years following the American Civil War, industry roared to new heights of unbridled, unregulated glory, creating unimaginable wealth for its captains in an era that Mark Twain dubbed the Gilded Age.… Continue reading

Murder in the Time of Robber Barons, Part I: The Scattered Dutchman and the Birth of Yellow Journalism


For the next few posts, we will peek behind the Gilded Age curtain of exquisite manners, astounding wealth, and prescribed behavior and take a look at some of the folks who broke the… Continue reading

Living the Gilded Life: Wealth and Corruption


Have you ever dreamed of acquiring staggering wealth, wealth so great that it couldn’t be spent in several lifetimes no matter how extravagant one might be? America has certainly produced its share of… Continue reading