Nancy Lee Badger Interviews Cameron Robeson of My Banished Highlander

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Nancy Lee Badger stopped by to share some insight into her book, My Banished Highlander, which is part of a four-author Boxed set titled Medieval Redemption. This set is about bad boys and the women who save them. When Cameron Robeson’s Scottish clan convicts him of treason in 1598, the last thing he thought his cousin the Laird would do was banish him to the future. With a certain woman on his mind, he plans revenge while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the (fictitious) modern day New England Highland Games. His plans go awry when a comely redhead, wearing the Mackenzie plaid, lands at his feet.
NLB: Vengeance? Highlanders? Scotland? Readers are intrigued! Please tell them where and when were you born.

CR: My name is Cameron Robeson, cousin to the laird of the Gunn Clan. I was born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1568. You can call me Cammie. ‘Tis what the lass, Iona Mackenzie calls me. I dinno’ like it, at first, but the name, and the lass, are growing on me.

NLB: Tell us what goals you hope to accomplish.

CR: Goals? I am stuck 400 years in the future! I need to return to my own time, kill my cousin, and win back my woman.

NLB: Iona? Is that the name of your woman?

CR: Nay! My cousin stole Haven MacKay. Iona is lovely, but she is no’ from the Highlands.

NLB: If you could relive your life, what changes would you make?

CM: I might not have agreed to spy for that devil, Marcus. I was caught, and my cousin had the nerve to banish me to this forsaken place.

NLB: Devils and spying aside, tell us why you believe that falling in love is a gift or a curse.

CM: If I had not fallen for Haven, I would no’ have agreed to spy on our clan. I had my chance to make her fall in love with me, but my cousin turned her head.

NLB: If you could live in a different historical period, which would you choose and why does it appeal to you?

CR: Definitely not this century! Iona tried to explain modern automobiles and flying machines, but I miss the serenity of the Highlands. I hope to live the rest of my life in the sixteenth century.

NLB: In your relationship with others, how are you different with family than you are with friends? Why?

CR: Since I wish my only relative dead, and have no friends in this ungodly place, I must say I doono’ know if there be much of a difference. I have met a few people here who seem to like me, such as Jake. He acts the part of a blacksmith, but he is no’ a Highlander. I want to return to my own time, and soon.

NLB: When you walk into a room, what do you expect people to notice about you?

CR: I am a Highlands Scot, and a warrior. People move aside when I walk by. I be taller than a Highland cow, broader than a barn, with golden hair and eyes like the amber amulet worn by that old witch, Dorcas. I wear a kilt in the ancient design, not these modern skirts of garishly colored wool.

NLB: What do you consider your weaknesses?

CR: I doono’ like witches, and the few I have met are to be feared. Also, I let a pretty face make me do the wrong thing. ‘Tis why I am in this mess.

NLB: What is one physical attribute you are proud of?

NLB: I see by your smile and silence that you decline to answer that. Next question. What was one of the most embarrassing things that happened to you this week?

CR: Iona saw me tussle with a Highland steer bent on running loose. I got filthy and bloody. Then she accused me of following her! Let me tell ye this…for a witch, she is lovelier than a red-haired cow.

NLB: What is your current state of mind?

CR: I be bent on revenge, but can do nothing here, in the future world, at these Highland Games. I must make haste and return to the past…and my destiny.

NLB: Rumors abound about you. Most claim you are a bad boy, and you claim to be a spy. Do you have any redeeming value as a human?

CR: ‘Tis being called a bad boy so bad? Iona calls me My Banished Highlander, but I am just a man out of time. If I find a woman strong enough to tame me, ask me again.

NLB: What comes next for you and Iona or Haven?

CR: I had a premonition that this story lands me an Iona in the middle of a war she calls The Civil War. An odd name for a war. I hope her witchcraft will get me back home. There, I shall save my true love from my brute of a cousin, and find love.


Cameron Robeson is a Scottish Highlander who does not start out as a hero. As they travel haphazardly through time, he is redeemed when his bravery and compassion saves Iona, and they fall in love. My Banished Highlander is currently available as part of the four-author boxed set, Medieval Redemption. For a limited time, the ebook may be purchased at Amazon for a special low price.



More About Nancy Lee Badger

After growing up in Huntington, New York, award-winning author Nancy Lee Badger attended
College in New Hampshire, married, and raised two sons in a small town in the shadow of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. After nearly a decade as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the State of NH 9-1-1 service, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, the Celtic Heart Romance Writers, and the Triangle Association of Freelancers. Nancy and her family volunteer each fall at the New Hampshire Highland Games surrounded by…kilts!

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