Collette Cameron Interviews Alexia, the Duchess of Harcourt from Heartbreak and Honor




Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 3

Today, we have Her Grace, Alexandra, the Duchess of Harcourt, sharing her fascinating journey from a Highland gypsy to a British peeress.


CC: Welcome, You Grace. I confess. I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never had the privilege of taking tea with a duchess. Please, have a seat. Milk or sugar in your tea?

Just push the dachshunds aside, but do watch your biscuits. They’ll snatch them right off your plates, the little fiends.

ADH: Thank you. It’s lovely to be here, and don’t worry about the dogs. I quite like animals. I take my tea with milk and two lumps of sugar.

CC: Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you meet his grace, the Duke of Harcourt. I hear it’s quite an amusing tale.

ADH: Chuckling. He helped rescue me from a band of rogue Scots holding me prisoner. I confess. Our first meeting was awful. I gave him a black eye when he stole a kiss.

He’s lucky I didn’t stick him with my dagger. I was raised as a Scottish Highland Traveller, a gypsy, and I know how to wield a blade. My gypsy name is Tasara Faas, and I lived with the travellers, also called black tinkers, for eighteen years.

CC: How fascinating. But you weren’t a traveller, were you? Was it a shock to discover you were a long-lost heiress? Tell us a little about that.

ADH: Yes. Right after my husband helped rescue me, I learned I wasn’t a traveller at all, but Alexandra Atterberry, an heiress in line for a barony.

The transition from living in a tent and bathing in streams to having a fortune at my disposal was a bit overwhelming.

I don’t much care for Society, you see. Such pretentiousness. I didn’t even know what fork to use at my first formal dinner, but I fell in love with Lucan.

He asked me almost daily to marry him. He’s most stubborn and wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

CC: I gathered that. What is the characteristic that first drew you to him?

ADH: He’s incredibly kind, especially to those others shun.

At first I thought he was a stuffy bore, but when I saw a glimpse of the real man, I was smitten! He has a delightful send of humor too.

Of course, I didn’t tell him.

He was far too cocky and assured I’d fall into his arms just because he held a duchy.

CC: Was there every a time when you thought you wouldn’t be together? That your worlds were too far apart?

ADH: Absolutely. I thought we were wholly incompatible. He was accustomed to power and privilege and all the falderal that accompanies someone of his station.

I wanted no part of it. I loved the simplicity of living in the Highlands. Still do.

I was actually preparing to leave England for good when circumstance caused me to realize, I didn’t want a life without him.

CC: What are your plans now?

ADH: As you know, Lucan’s mother is unwell, so we spend the majority of our time at Chattsworth House.

I would dearly love to return to Scotland for an extended visit, but that will have to wait.

I promised Mother Harcourt to wait until after the babe is born.

CC: Congratulations. His grace must be thrilled.

ADH: He is, and just like a man, is already planning activities for his son.

I, on the other hand, am planning to teach our daughter how to use a dagger.

CC: Thank you for visiting today, and I hope the next time, you can persuade the duke to accompany you.

ADH: You are very welcome. If you ever find yourself out our way, please do, call.

Coming to Amazon Dec. 2, 2015

Coming to Amazon Dec. 2, 2015


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