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Our Getting into Character feature is sometimes booked as much as six months into the future, but we will be happy to offer the first open date to any author whose work fits our guidelines. If you are an author of a work of historical fiction and wish to be considered for a spot on Getting into Character, please read the information posted below.

Thank you for your interest in the character interview feature here on History Imagined. It is our great pleasure to assist our fellow authors of historical fiction in this way. Please read the following criteria before submitting your request on the contact form provided at the end of this page.

  1. The character interviewed must be from a work of historical fiction. We define historical fiction as “any novel with a setting in any period from the beginning of human history through 1969.” Exceptions for novels set during the later period of the Viet Nam War may be considered.

  2. The novel in which the character appears should bear evidence of care with research, even when the author is creating an alternative history. Details and facts presented in the work should be accurate for and appropriate to the period in which the story is set.

  3. If your submission is accepted, guidelines, including a list of approved character interview questions, will be provided via email. You will be asked to limit your selected questions to that list. In addition, we will only accept interviews in the format described in the guidelines.

  4. The date of the historical novel’s publication is irrelevant, but the author of the novel must be the person who prepares and submits the character interview to History Imagined. An author may contribute a character interview to History Imagined no more than once every six months unless otherwise agreed upon.

  5. The interviewed character must be human. We love animals, but they do not make for the most stimulating conversationalists or most forthcoming interviewees.

  6. While we are not prudes, we also don’t have any age restrictions on who can view our site. That being said, we reserve the right to not publish information about or from a work we deem erotica or to contain excessive and/or gratuitous violence. Limited sexual content and/or vulgar or profane language within the confines of the novel will not automatically exclude it from consideration, but must not be the main vehicle of expression nor driving force in the plot. PG 13 content only in the interview or any excerpt, please. Furthermore, character interviews from works that defame persons or groups or promote harmful acts to man or beast will not be considered for publication on History Imagined.

  7. Our readers have a very limited interest in the paranormal, even with a historical setting. We do not accept paranormal work as it is not suitable for our readership.

  8. Getting into Character is published on Thursdays with the exception of holiday weeks. Discretion in accepting an item for publication rests solely with the History Imagined team and is not open to appeal.

  9. Please be aware that the interviews for Getting into Character do not appear on the blog home page. Instead, they have a dedicated column under the Getting into Character tab in the menu bar beneath the home page banner. Hover your cursor over that tab and the list of interviews will appear. If your interview is accepted, it will remain at the top of the list for one week or longer, depending on how many interviews are scheduled.

Please provide the title, the heat level, and a brief description of your plot (a.k.a., the blurb) in the comments sections of the contact form below.